Bear Fruit for Generations to Come

We help your family build its toolkit for generational success

Who We Are

Having worked with families for over 20 years, the ministry of Vyne Legacy was created to meet the need we saw to equip families in their journeys towards generational thriving. We believe a multigenerational thriving family is possible and can have a lasting change in culture for the better.

Vyne Legacy helps you create the toolkit your family needs to shape its legacy. We are here to give you a safe training ground and resources as you navigate conversations and learning as a family. We do this by providing curriculum, online training, coaching, and consultations.

Serving Your Family

Online courses at Vyne Legacy are the key piece of our ministry to serve you and your family. Learn from guided experiences where you will receive practical application guides to help your family take their next steps. View our full course options and free resources here.

Online Course

Family Legacy Course

Do you have a vision for the future generations of your family? As you navigate the challenges and questions now to create alignment on family values, you need to establish a path for generations. We can give you the guidance and tools that will help set the way for generations to come.

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Free Resources

Choosing to start your family’s journey is one of the most significant steps you can take. Explore our free resources to determine the best next steps for you.

Strengthen Your Family So It Lasts for Generations

In this FREE video series, we’ll talk about what matters most for your family’s long-term health. Get started on the path to multigenerational impact now.


Learn to Relate in a Way that Fosters Mutual Respect

In this FREE video series, we’ll talk about the #1 challenge for families and discuss how to establish understanding and trust
among your family members.


The Secret Sauce to Keeping Your Family Together

Is there a secret sauce of family togetherness? Maybe so, but it’s probably not what you’d expect. It’s not time on the soccer fields. Not shuttling back and forth between activities...


"We learned in 24 hours something that is going to impact people for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years! What got us really excited was learning about principles we had been talking about doing but never had the time to do or a clue how or where to start... It was great to take this time out and make our family a priority."

Brian & Lorrie Buckley

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