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We help your family build its toolkit for generational success.

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Stepping into Your Family's God-Given Purpose

Scripture shows that family is intended to be God’s key tool for redemption. As each generation shares the gospel and passes on values, family and culture change for the better.

Do you want to be sure your family and its values will last? Do you want the tools and plan to be able to do this?

That’s why Vyne Legacy exists. Having worked with families for over 20 years, Vyne Legacy was created to equip families in their journeys towards generational thriving. We believe God’s vision of multigenerational family is possible and can cause a lasting impact in culture for the better.

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Start Your Journey: Vyne Legacy Courses

Your family's toolkit starts with the courses we've uniquely designed to walk your family through building purpose, healthy communication, and identity. Learn more about our courses here.

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Online Course

Family Legacy Course

Do you have a vision for the future generations of your family? As you navigate the challenges and questions now to create alignment on family values, you need to establish a path for generations. We can give you the guidance and tools that will help set the way for generations to come.

Through six sessions, you'll develop your family's values, vision, and mission all through a guided process.

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Navigating Family Conflict

Communication and trust are key to family success or failure. Join this course to build the fundamentals of healthy communication and turn conflict into a transformative, growth process. You'll walk out with your family's Code of Conduct and a conflict process.

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FREE: Building a Successful Family

If you are not sure where to start, take this free mini-course to learn about the essentials of a successful family. You'll learn what can make or break a family and how to assess how your family is doing. Start here for simple next steps.

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Free: Keys to Communication and Trust

Join our free mini-course to uncover tangible next steps you can take to improve understanding in your family and begin the restoration process. You can start the building blocks to trust with these concepts.

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Our heart at Vyne Legacy is to provide the resources you and your family can return to again and again. Get connected with the tools below to start your journey!

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