About Us

Leave A Lasting Mark On Eternity

Our Vision

To see your family bear fruit for generations to come.

Our Mission

To equip you with the tools you need to nurture, prune, and renew your family to its multi-generational purpose.

Having worked with families for over 20 years, Vyne Legacy was created to meet the need we saw to equip families in their journeys towards generational thriving. We believe a multigenerational thriving family is possible and can have a lasting impact on culture for the better.

Vyne Legacy helps you create the toolkit your family needs to shape its legacy. We are here to give you a safe training ground and resources as you navigate conversations and learning as a family. We do this by providing curriculum, online training, and free resources.

We believe every family has an opportunity to strengthen bonds, reset relationships, create healthy boundaries and routines, and set a new course forward. The content, experiences, and tools we offer are designed to help your family engage and find practical solutions and strategies.

Today, you can start the process of building your family legacy toolkit. You can take action and start the path for future generations to thrive.

Our Purpose: Your Family's Thriving

Build your family's toolkit through courses that will guide you through all seasons of life. Learn about navigating conflict and communication, how to establish a family vision, and more here.

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