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Family Celebration family growth strategies Dec 05, 2022

Have you ever thought how celebration can impact your family’s culture?

Walker Manufacturing was created from celebration. In 1953, while celebrating Christmas, seven-year-old Max Walker was gifted a miniature model Caterpillar from his father. This gift was the inspiration to Max to enter...

5 Keys to a Great Family Giving Experience with Young Adults legacy lessons Nov 28, 2022

It’s common for families with young adult children to ask us, “How should we give together?”

While you can go in multiple directions, here are 5 tried-and-true ideas for giving with young adults:

1. Don’t make it complicated.

A simple way to start involves random...

Tradition and Values mission vision and values Nov 21, 2022

We often hear the phrase “traditional values”. But what does that mean?

Traditional values are values that have been passed down from generation to generation. They are long lasting, form the strongest relationships, and provide the foundation for a thriving legacy. These are the...

How Can You Achieve a Multigenerational Family Legacy? legacy lessons mission vision and values Nov 14, 2022

Why do companies like Coca-Cola and Nike have decades of sustained success?

It’s not just because of good leadership. Or billion-dollar advertising budgets. It’s something even more valuable:

The consistent implementation of company values.

These values aren’t buried in the...

The TRUE Purpose of Family legacy lessons Nov 07, 2022

Have you ever stopped to think about the purpose of your family?

Looking at families today, their purposes can vary dramatically. For some families, it’s making sure their children go to college and can become independent. Maybe it is providing their loved ones with a life of ease. Some...

Putting Values Into Practice legacy lessons Oct 31, 2022

Have you wondered what the difference is for lasting families? What separates these families from the rest?

They intentionally pass on their family’s values. And one of the best examples of incorporating lasting values into one’s daily legacy is the Beckett family. 

In 1937,...

From One Generation to the Next legacy lessons mission vision and values Oct 24, 2022

“Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.”

Every culture around the world has its version of that proverb. In England, it’s “Clogs to clogs in only three generations.” While in Japan, it’s “rice paddies to rice paddies in three...

Is Legacy Selfish? legacy lessons Oct 17, 2022

Legacy can be a confusing topic. Some might think the idea of legacy is selfish. If we think of legacy only as achieving a reputation or a name on a building, or just as financial wealth left behind, it certainly would be.

The truth is that we will all leave a legacy, whether we mean to or not....

Aim for the Vision. Accomplish the Mission. mission vision and values Oct 10, 2022

Have you ever tried to drive to an unfamiliar place without GPS or a map?

If so, you probably arrived somewhere very different than you intended. You may have eventually reached your preferred destination, but only after getting enough signal to pull it up on Google Maps. Or maybe you took the...

Setting Up For Success legacy lessons Oct 03, 2022

“[I]n our family, leadership positions, titles, and company ownership are not just handed to you because of your last name.”
-Emily Martin, Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc. 

Emily Martin is the fourth generation of the Martin family of the Martin’s Famous Potato...

The Key to Healthy Family Communication family communication family growth strategies Sep 26, 2022

Do you ever struggle with healthy communication?

While it can be hard to communicate well in the workplace or amongst your peers, it is often more difficult with your own family.

You may feel like we’re preaching to the choir here. With challenges like generational gaps, opposing...

You’re Different… and So Is Your Family family communication Sep 19, 2022

“Why can’t you be like me?!”

Have you ever been in a family disagreement where someone used that line? We can all feel the anger or pain that followed that moment.

In fact, it’s usually one of the worst questions you can ask when you are navigating conflict.

You see,...

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