Aim for the Vision. Accomplish the Mission.

mission vision and values Published on October 10, 2022

Have you ever tried to drive to an unfamiliar place without GPS or a map?

If so, you probably arrived somewhere very different than you intended. You may have eventually reached your preferred destination, but only after getting enough signal to pull it up on Google Maps. Or maybe you took the terrifying step and actually asked for directions.

In any case, you had a destination in mind, but you couldn’t get there without directions.

Building a lasting family legacy is just the same. You may have aspirations for your family’s future, but you won’t attain them without a plan to follow.

In other words, your family needs both a vision AND a mission. So what’s the difference?

A vision is your dream for your family’s future. It’s big — something only God can do.

Your vision could be:

  • “Every generation serving Christ.”
  • “Sharing the gospel for all generations.”
  • “Inspiring hope with every action.”

On the other hand, a mission is your plan to achieve your dream. It’s what you’ll do to accomplish your vision.

Mission examples include:

  • “We love Christ intimately and live with graceful generosity.”
  • “We love, live, and serve in biblical truth.”
  • “Trust God. Encourage one another. Live boldly.”

“Your family needs both a vision AND a mission.” 

Building an enduring family legacy is a wonderful, God-given dream. But you need a strategy in place to make it a reality. Otherwise, you’ll end up driving somewhere else without a map.

So make time in your upcoming schedule to create your family vision AND mission. Your family legacy depends on it.

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