The Best Inheritance for Your Children

legacy lessons mission vision and values Published on March 20, 2023

One hundred million dollars.

That’s how much Cornelius Vanderbilt was worth when he died in 1877. That’s over two billion today!

Vanderbilt left almost all of that wealth to his children. You would think that would set up his family for generations of prosperity, but within 30 years, none of his children were listed as the richest in America. They built a lot of mansions, but most of those were torn down by the 1940s.

While passing along financial wealth to your children can be a good thing, it’s not the best inheritance you can give them. What is it then?

It is of greater wealth than money.

The best inheritance you can give your children is the pursuit of Christ.

Imagine the lasting impact your family can make with every generation pursuing Christ. It will long outlive lavish mansions.

You may be thinking, “That all sounds wonderful, but how can I do that?”

It all starts with your family values. When your family has values that encourage the pursuit of Christ, you can work to pass these values along well to your children and eventually your grandchildren.

Every family is guided by a set of values, whether they know it or not. When you pursue values that lead your family toward Christ, your children will become richer than you can imagine.

Take a moment to think about your family’s values. Are they pointing your children to the pursuit of Christ?

“The best inheritance you can give your children is the pursuit of Christ.” 

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