Discover the Compass Settings for Your Family

family growth strategies mission vision and values Published on August 22, 2022

What would happen if your compass’s settings were off?

If you were traversing the desert, exploring the wilderness, or sailing across the ocean, you would find yourself off-course — and perhaps hopelessly lost.

Just like cross-country adventurers and transatlantic sailors, your family is following a compass, too, whether you know it or not.

Every family hopes their compass is pointing them in the right direction. They want to thrive at each stage of life. They want to see their kids grow up healthy and prosperous. They desire to see their family honor and glorify God.

Whether they end up at these destinations depends on the compass settings of their family.

The settings of each compass are always the same — your family’s values.

Values are the moral and ethical principles of behavior transmitted from one generation to the next.

You can see values begin to stand out by how we use our time, what we prioritize in our busy schedules, what we teach our children, or where we spend our money. However, without intentionality, values will remain unclear or shift.

Depending on your specific values, the trajectory of your family (and future generations) may be going in the right direction… or you could be way off-course. Your children and generations to come can’t follow compass settings that are unclear.

Want to ensure your family’s compass settings can set a clear path? It is time you solidify the values that will guide your family forward.

“Every family has its own set of values, even if these values aren’t clearly stated or defined.” 

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