Framing the Family

family communication family growth strategies Published on August 15, 2022

What is the role of family in a culture that glorifies independence and individuality?

The family unit is inarguably the root of society. Each member plays an integral and distinctive role within the family itself. When each member performs their part, the family flourishes. When family thrives, culture prospers.

Today, however, we see the family unit being targeted and warped by the antithetical nature of culture. The teaching of faith was once taught within the home but is now being outsourced to larger institutions. Marriages are twice as likely to dissolve as they were fifty years ago. Children are increasingly more apt to become distant or estranged as they grow older. 

This discord is not the biblical vision for families. Families were designed to reflect Christ’s love for His Creation.

 Husbands are commanded to love their wives and sacrifice themselves for their wives as Christ did for the church.

Wives are reflective of the church, respecting and honoring their husbands with their conduct.

Fathers are directed to instruct, discipline, and encourage their children.

Mothers are instructed to teach, comfort, and provide for their children.

Children themselves are urged to learn from their parent’s instruction and carry on their family’s legacy.

Even grandparents are implored to set an example for their younger counterparts and pass on the stories of generations before them.

We each have a God-given role to play within our families, and it’s a role that only you can fulfill. Your purpose is irrevocably linked to the part that you play in your family. When you successfully participate with your part in your family, your family thrives. When your family thrives, culture prospers.


"This discord is not the biblical vision for families. Families were designed to reflect Christ’s love for His Creation."


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