How Can You Achieve a Multigenerational Family Legacy?

legacy lessons mission vision and values Published on November 14, 2022

Why do companies like Coca-Cola and Nike have decades of sustained success?

It’s not just because of good leadership. Or billion-dollar advertising budgets. It’s something even more valuable:

The consistent implementation of company values.

These values aren’t buried in the employee handbook. They are prominently displayed in the office for everyone to see. They are organizationally embraced. As new recruits are hired, these values are carried on.

So what does this concept mean for families?

The healthy transfer of your family’s values from one generation to the next is the key to a multigenerational family legacy.

It’s one thing to have strong family values. It’s another to pass them on to your children, your grandchildren, and so on…

You’ve heard the saying, “Values are caught more than taught.” It’s true, as we tend to learn more from the actions of others rather than only what we’re told. Parents, take notice!

However, to ensure your values are passed on well to the next generation, you can’t just let your actions do the talking. You need to do something more intentional.

You MUST consistently share and practice your values with your family. It’s a key way your values can be wholeheartedly known and transferred. Your children can’t act out what they have not been told.

Sit your children down and tell them the family values. Discuss why these are important. Remind them later. Look for ways to reinforce these values together as a family. Live out these values day in and day out.

The impact on your family will last long after you’re gone and become a multigenerational family legacy.

“You MUST consistently share and practice your values with your family.” 

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