The Key to Healthy Family Communication

family communication family growth strategies Published on September 26, 2022

Do you ever struggle with healthy communication?

While it can be hard to communicate well in the workplace or amongst your peers, it is often more difficult with your own family.

You may feel like we’re preaching to the choir here. With challenges like generational gaps, opposing viewpoints, and competing values, it’s easy to think trying to communicate with your family is a recipe for disaster.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, biblically, God intended our conflict to be a tool for restoration, encouragement, and growth.

Healthy family communication is achievable with a key ingredient: understanding.

It all starts with understanding. When you and your family have mutual understanding, you are well on your way to great communication, even when the topic of conversation is challenging.

What do we mean? Understanding means gaining knowledge first of both the context and condition of your family members. Context is looking at the larger story that may surround your communication– are there circumstances in your week that impact your communication? Is there a learned behavior that impacts a communication style? Condition recognizes our own heart states.

When we combine these pieces, we begin to see a fuller perspective and can have grace for one another. With an understanding of how each other is uniquely wired and the contexts and conditions that impact that, your family can begin to learn to communicate in ways that support each other and build trust.

With this type of understanding, you and your family will have common ground. Common ground together lends itself naturally to more communication as a family because you already know where you’re coming from in any conversation.

This leads to building trust and unity, even when difficulties arise. Since your family has achieved common ground, you can all grow in accountability with each other.

All because your communication comes from a place of understanding.

A hearty dose of understanding will keep your communication healthy.

“Healthy family communication is achievable with one key ingredient: understanding.” 

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