One Powerful Key to Passing On Your Legacy

family growth strategies legacy lessons Published on January 09, 2023

We often hear of families having issues while planning their wills and trusts.

The truth is that most typically have some idea of how much wealth they’ll pass on to their children. But few are equipped to discuss how they’ll pass on their legacy.

Your legacy should NOT be confused with financial wealth. In fact, the more uncertain you are of your legacy, the more uncertain you’ll be in passing on financial wealth.

A legacy is the treasure of a family. Treasure is defined more broadly than money. It is the combination of social, spiritual, financial, and intellectual capital. The more intentional a family has been in building social, spiritual, and intellectual capital, the more likely it is that they can pass on financial capital.

So how do you pass on your legacy? Andy Crouch, in his book Culture Making, describes it in part (paraphrased) as learning to tell the stories of your culture/family and relate them to everyday life.

Tell the story of your family. Go back to the beginning — from birth to the present. Discuss the people, ideas, and events that shaped you positively and negatively. These are the rich fabrics that make up a legacy. Tell them over and over again.

How well the fabric has been woven will tell us how much it can hold.

“A legacy is the treasure of a family.”

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