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The Impact of Stating Your Family’s Values mission vision and values Jun 25, 2022

Does your family have a defined list of values? A list that every member of the family knows of and is familiar with?

We’ve often been taught that values are caught, not taught. But it’s also been said that “values won’t hold, unless they are told.”

Think about it....

Start With Generosity, the Great Equalizer family growth strategies Jun 22, 2022

It’s fun to see families bearing down on the idea of multi-generational success. Often, they come to the table with past hurts and they want to start a new conversation. Or they arrive with children who have chosen varying paths — some good, some okay, and some not.

Some of these...

The Secret Sauce to Keeping Your Family Together? family communication legacy lessons Jun 17, 2022

Is there a secret sauce of family togetherness? Maybe so, but it’s probably not what you’d expect. It’s not time on the soccer fields. Not shuttling back and forth between activities. Not the best SAT scores, going to the top universities, or even time at the lake house.


Tell Your Meaningful Family Stories family communication legacy lessons Jun 14, 2022

There’s healing power in telling your family story.

Emily Esfahani Smith in “The Two Kinds of Stories We Tell About Ourselves,” writes simply:

“We are all storytellers — all engaged…in an act of creation of the composition of our lives. . . . By taking the...

Addressing Conflict for a Successful Family Legacy family communication Jun 11, 2022

What is the purpose of family?

Too often, we’ve allowed our culture to define family and its purpose. In 1962, Del Webb made it on the cover of an issue of Time magazine. Why? For his creation of the retirement community. He espoused the idea, “You’ve worked hard all your life,...

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