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You Have 2 Days to Live legacy lessons mission vision and values Aug 08, 2022

In Matthew 26:2, Jesus says, “You know that after two days the Passover is coming, and the Son of Man will be delivered up to be crucified.”

Imagine you’ve gone to a doctor for a physical. After a series of tests, you’re told that you have an aggressive and pervasive form...

What It Takes to Create a Lasting Family Legacy legacy lessons mission vision and values Aug 01, 2022

What makes a family legacy last for generations?

It might surprise you — the success of a family legacy is not in a gregarious or charismatic leader. On the contrary, success is dependent upon the family’s vision and values.

Let’s back up. Often a family is guided by a strong,...

Remember the Imperfect Legacy legacy lessons Jul 25, 2022

Many think of legacy as made up of great things — like Super Bowl rings, battles won, or heroic deeds remembered for all time. But what about the imperfect legacy?

Think of some of the great names in the Bible. Abraham, Moses, David. Though great, they had some major failures — and...

It’s Time to Reconsider Generational Impact legacy lessons Jul 18, 2022

When we consider the idea of family, the idea of generational impact should be a bigger topic.

Typically, we tend to think about having kids, raising them, getting them to soccer practice, navigating school, and paying for college. We hope to enjoy grandkids too.

But we usually don’t think...

The Secret Sauce to Keeping Your Family Together? family communication legacy lessons Jun 17, 2022

Is there a secret sauce of family togetherness? Maybe so, but it’s probably not what you’d expect. It’s not time on the soccer fields. Not shuttling back and forth between activities. Not the best SAT scores, going to the top universities, or even time at the lake house.


Tell Your Meaningful Family Stories family communication legacy lessons Jun 14, 2022

There’s healing power in telling your family story.

Emily Esfahani Smith in “The Two Kinds of Stories We Tell About Ourselves,” writes simply:

“We are all storytellers — all engaged…in an act of creation of the composition of our lives. . . . By taking the...