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Discover the Compass Settings for Your Family family growth strategies mission vision and values Aug 22, 2022

What would happen if your compass’s settings were off?

If you were traversing the desert, exploring the wilderness, or sailing across the ocean, you would find yourself off-course — and perhaps hopelessly lost.

Just like cross-country adventurers and transatlantic sailors, your family...

You Have 2 Days to Live legacy lessons mission vision and values Aug 08, 2022

In Matthew 26:2, Jesus says, “You know that after two days the Passover is coming, and the Son of Man will be delivered up to be crucified.”

Imagine you’ve gone to a doctor for a physical. After a series of tests, you’re told that you have an aggressive and pervasive form...

What It Takes to Create a Lasting Family Legacy legacy lessons mission vision and values Aug 01, 2022

What makes a family legacy last for generations?

It might surprise you — the success of a family legacy is not in a gregarious or charismatic leader. On the contrary, success is dependent upon the family’s vision and values.

Let’s back up. Often a family is guided by a strong,...

The Impact of Stating Your Family’s Values mission vision and values Jun 25, 2022

Does your family have a defined list of values? A list that every member of the family knows of and is familiar with?

We’ve often been taught that values are caught, not taught. But it’s also been said that “values won’t hold, unless they are told.”

Think about it....