Start the Path for Generational Success in
The Power of Your Family Legacy Course

Start the Path for Generational Success in Our Family Legacy Course


Gain New Perspective and a Practical
Toolkit for Your Family Legacy

Do you have a vision for the future generations of your family? As you navigate the challenges and questions now to create alignment on your values, you need a toolkit for building your family legacy. We can give you the guidance and tools that will help your family bear fruit for generations to come.


Gain New Perspective and
a Practical Plan for Your Family Legacy

Do you have a vision for the future generations of your family? As you navigate the challenges and questions now to create alignment on your values, you need a clear roadmap for building your family legacy. We can give you the guidance and tools that will help your family stay strong for generations to come.


“Will my family last?”

Our society knows how to pass on their funds, estate, and assets, but that alone does not fully resolve the questions we have. Did we really pass on all that matters? Will your children and their children do well? These questions are what tend to keep us up at night.

Parents teaching children about legacy

Like you, so many other families are all asking the same questions: 

  • Are my children going to be good people in the future?
  • If our relationship is strained (or broken), can we ever be close again?
  • Is there a way to ensure my family's values will last?
  • Will passing on my wealth help or hinder my children?

The answers are of critical importance because they set the foundation for your family’s longevity. It is bigger than just transferring wealth. We need to pass on values, to pass on the stories of where we came from, to pass on the reminders that will spur generations on; there is so much more that could be.

But where do you start? We know that question can cause anxiety, sleepless nights, and even despair among parents like you, especially if your relationship with your kids is distant or tense.

The good news is, that it’s never too late or too early to create a toolkit for a healthy family legacy that can be passed down for generations. We’ll show you how.

What You’ll Learn in The Power of Your Family Legacy Online Course

Over the course of 6 sessions, you’ll gain a practical toolkit for how your family legacy can be defined, passed on, and carried out. You’ll work through the process of determining your values, vision, and mission as you develop a structure for family engagement.

By the end, you’ll have a toolkit for creating an impact through your family legacy.  Here’s what we’ll cover:

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Session 1:
The Purpose of Family

In the first session, we’ll cover the purpose of family, the cultural vs. Biblical definition of family, and the importance of healthy relationships within the family unit.

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Session 2:
Why Families Fail

In the second session, we’ll talk about the most common reasons why the family fails — the issues that can tear it apart and what can bring it back together.

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Session 3:
Family Values

In the third session, we’ll uncover what causes families to stray from their values, how to ensure that yours are defined, and how to ensure that they are passed on.

Family vision icon

Session 4:
Family Vision

In the fourth session, we’ll discuss the biggest reason why family members give up on each other and the family unit — and how you can unite them.

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Session 5:
Family Mission

In the fifth session, we’ll talk about how your family vision is put into action in daily life through a mission (and how to create your mission). 

Family generosity icon

Session 6:
Family Generosity

In the sixth session, we’ll discuss how your mission and vision can be activated through whom you give to, how much, and why — both now and in the future.


What This Course Will Allow You to Do

After taking The Power of Your Family Legacy course, you’ll emerge with the knowledge and framework you need to engage together with your children in a meaningful way toward your family’s legacy.

You’ll walk away with…

  • A new perspective on your purpose and family legacy
  • A toolkit for building family relationships and aligning on values
  • An understanding of how to have a healthy family legacy that lasts for generations
  • An appreciation for your unique narrative within God’s kingdom story
  • The ability to understand yourself and your family better
  • A strategy so your values can be passed on and have an impact

With a family legacy toolkit, you’re creating an opportunity for your children to be engaged in shared family values. Based on clear boundaries, respect, and understanding, they can choose how they participate in the ongoing family story.

Vyne Legacy: Who We Are and How We Can Help

Vyne Legacy helps you create the toolkit your family needs to shape its legacy. We are here to give you a safe training ground and resources as you navigate conversations and learning as a family. We do this by providing curriculum, online training, coaching, and consultations.

We believe every family has an opportunity to strengthen bonds, reset relationships, create healthy boundaries and routines, and to set a new course forward. The content, experiences, and tools we offer are designed to help your family engage and find practical solutions and strategies.

Today, you can start the process of building your family legacy toolkit. You can take action and start the path for future generations to thrive.


"God has really used the time we've had during this program to help us think more clearly and carefully about where we want to see our family go in the generations ahead. It's given us the tools to help us articulate what it is exactly we want for our children and our grandchildren."


Start Creating the Toolkit Your Family Needs to Shape Its Legacy

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Set a Path. Cast the Vision. For Future Generations. 

The process of defining your values, engaging with your children, and creating a workable family legacy plan is a journey well worth it. You may run into challenges or conflict. But that vision of generations and beyond walking in the God-given vision for your family is worth pursuing.

While the journey may hold its unknowns and challenges, don’t let that hold you back. Doing nothing might be safer — but now is your time to be a champion for your family and its generations to come.

Today, you have a chance to create a structure for multigenerational impact. 

Start Creating the Toolkit Your Family Needs
to Shape Its Legacy 

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"For me, having a vision statement and clear direction of where to go with my family helps me think down the road. It gives me something to shoot for. It's been very encouraging."

Trey Campbell