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Your family's flourishing is possible. Whether you are just getting started, looking to find some refreshers, or needing encouragement in tiring seasons, our Resource Center is designed to equip you. 

Find resources on family communication, ways to build a stronger family legacy, activities to do with your family, and more below.


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Conversation Starters

Use this guide with 14 conversation prompts to help your family engage in discussing family communication and ideas for growth.

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Course: Build Communication & Trust

Take a free mini-series to learn essentials of family communication. Build bridges of understanding together.

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Communication Activity

Learn how to develop active listening skills as a family with this quick 15 minute exercise you can use again and again to practice.

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Living Out Legacy

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Conversation Starters

Begin conversations with your family with 14 unique prompts. Dive into ideas on values, evaluating progress on your vision, and more.

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Course: Successful Family Keys

Start with our free mini-series on the keys to a successful family. You'll gain a practical strategy to begin implementing and simple advice to grow from in the application guide.

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Guide: Family-Focused Legacy

Learn the basics of what is legacy is, God's multigenerational purpose for families, and how you can begin your own steps to build a lasting legacy.

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Building Family Culture

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Conversation Starters

Draw your family closer together with conversation about your family culture. Identify areas for growth, discuss different perspectives, and more with these prompts.

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Guide: Family Meeting Template

Get started with regular family meetings using this online guide and downloadable template that will walk you through how to start the process and build your own successful plan. Family connection starts here!

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articles: Family Growth

Discover new ways for your family to grow together. Keep expanding your toolkit with these ideas and fresh perspectives on family growth.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

There will always be long lists of resources, opinions on parenting, and family advice, so how do you start what matters for your family uniquely?

We've made the starting point simple in The Power of Your Family Legacy course. You'll gain the toolkit to build a vision and mission unique to your family. We don't give cookie-cutter answers, but we'll give you the biblical wisdom to seek out what God's purpose is for you and your family.

In the course, you'll receive:

- Instant digital access to 18 self-paced lessons

- Application guide to work through your family's unique plan

- Examples from other families

And more! 

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