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Free Video Series:

What’s Your Plan for Building a Successful Family?

You’ll learn:

  • A case study about the effect of intentionality (or the lack of it) within a family
  • An example of a family that kept its culture and impact throughout generations
  • How to measure the relational health of your family and keep it strong
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Free Video Series:

What’s the Key to Building Communication and Trust in the Family?

You’ll learn:

  • The #1 challenge families face — and how to overcome it together
  • What it takes to create real connection within your family and resolve issues
  • What listening really looks like and how fruitful it can be for everyone
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Premium Video Series:

The Power of Your Family Legacy Course

You’ll learn:

  • How to define your family mission, vision, and values
  • How to build understanding and communication among your family members
  • How to create an impact for generations through your family
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Premium Video Series:

The Navigating Family Conflict Course

You’ll learn:

  • How to build your family's code of conduct and conflict process
  • How to develop a new view of conflict and pursue restoration
  • How to create unity and begin to restore trust in your family
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Family Legacy Resource Center

Navigate our resources in these key categories to find ways to get started and explore activities and challenges for your next steps.

  • Living a Legacy: Learn the fundamentals of building a healthy family legacy and enacting it now.
  • Building Family Growth & Culture: Discover how to sustain and grow your family with these principles.
  • Developing Family Communication: Build up your family communication strategies and create a plan to navigate conflict together.
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Vyne Legacy: Who We Are and How We Can Help

Vyne Legacy helps you create the toolkit your family needs to shape its legacy. We are here to give you a safe training ground and resources as you navigate conversations and learning as a family. We do this by providing curriculum, online training, coaching, and consultations.

We believe every family has an opportunity to strengthen bonds, reset relationships, create healthy boundaries and routines, and to set a new course forward. The content, experiences, and tools we offer are designed to help your family engage and find practical solutions and strategies.

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